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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I bring more than one pet?

A. Yes, with prior approval from homeowner and additional pet fee.

Q. Do you spray for fleas?

A. Yes we spray after each guest with pets and each home is on a quarterly service plan.

Q. Do all homes allow pets?

A. No, only those designated by the pet amenity.

Q. If my pet is trained and under voice command do they still have to be on a leash?

A. Yes, all pets must be on a leash.

Q. What times are pets allowed on the beach?

A. Pets are allowed 24/7 on all beaches.

Q. Can I bring my cat?

A. No, only dogs are allowed in rental homes/condos.

Q. Are pets allowed at the Oak Island Beach Villas?

A. Per the Homeowner's Association, no Oak Island Beach Villas rentals will allow pets.

Q. Can I leave my pet unattended in the rental home/condo?

A. Yes but guest is responsible for any damages.

Q. What does the pet fee cover?

A. The pet fee covers flea spray and additional wear and tear to property.

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