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"Fetching" Photos

While you and your playful pooch or couch potato enjoy island living, we hope you will capture many moments on camera because we are looking for pet photos! After you return home, we hope you will give a thought to sharing some of these photos with us.

Do you have a "fetching" digital photo of Fido frolicking at the beach? Send us your JPEG's and enter our contest for the cutest canine on the Carolina coast. The email address is marketing@rentalsatthebeach.com and please put "Fetching Photos" in the "subject" field of the email. We will include your pooch among the contenders for a chance to enter.

The "winner" (and there might be several) will be included in print and on web pages for one or more of Oak Island Accommodations' periodicals (the Beach Times, the Rental Guide, one of the newsletters to owners and/or guests).

Please contact the Marketing Group at OIA with any questions.

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