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Oak Island Area Dog Parks & Play Areas

Here are some places on or around Oak Island where you can play with your dog:

  • Oak Island - Dog Park at Dolphin (between 47th and 46th Streets, near the Oak Island Cabana on East Beach Road.) The leash law is island-wide. On-leash dog walking spaces are all across the island, and some of the best broad open spaces are located at the west end of the island.

  • Southport – No formal off-leash dog park in Southport, but this is a dog-friendly village, encouraging responsible pet owners to bring their dogs on leash. Poop-bags are strategically located around the area including the waterfront, and your dog will enjoy watching the water sports of the humans and the seagulls, as well as sniffing trees and hydrants.

  • Boiling Spring Lakes – North Lake Park allows dogs to come frolic with their owners as long as the owners honor the leash law. The lake is fun for dogs to wade in, but with caution as there are alligators peacefully co-existing there. (Other public parks at Boiling Spring Lakes are not dog friendly.)

  • Wilmington - a 2-acre dog-park called, aptly enough, THE DOG PARK, is located at Empie Park on the corner of Independence Blvd. and Park Avenue (behind Stein Mart—enter from Park Avenue—more information at 341-3237). Local rules are posted.

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