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Oak Island - One of the Most Pet-Friendly Places on Earth!

With approximately 68 million dogs in this country, over half of which live in one-dog households, it is no wonder that the pet industry is growing rapidly in this country. Happily, the number of rescued dogs (adopted from shelters) is up to 20% of all dogs owned, and, of all the dogs owned, approximately 70% have been spayed/neutered. Certainly all dogs, no matter what size, breed, and age need vacations, just as people do, and a number of caring humans love to take their dogs with them to the beach.

So, with all the dogs in the U.S., it is also not very surprising is to learn that pet travel has increased, too, with three-quarters of traveled pets being dogs, and most of them having traveled 50 miles or more by auto or RV.

The kids, the suitcases, and the travel "stuff" are all packed, and there in the middle of everything, curled up for the long haul, is Rascal, the family's dog. Everyone is so excited that Rascal can come on this trip, and he is ready bathed, nailed trimmed, his health and shots checked at the vet's office, all the right food packed, plenty of water and even a travel bowl and poop-bag for those rest stops. It's as though someone spoke to him in "dog" to say that he is included! He was the first one in the car, even before the suitcases.

Everyone buckles up, and the dog climbs on someone's lap, but wait. Just assuming that something happens on the road, everyone is strapped except your pet. Even a fender-bender can send any size of canine flying like a projectile through a windshield or colliding into someone else in the vehicle, so take precautions for your pet's safety, as well as everyone else's. Whether he takes his place in a strapped-down crate (there he can stand, turn around, and lie down) or is buckled into a pet-harness designed for vehicles, "safety first" includes pets, too.

After the road trip, you all cross the Oak Island Bridge and arrive at Oak Island Accommodations to check in and receive your keys. Then, you drive down the beach and enter your beach property. The smell of salt air and the sight of blue sky hovering over the blue/green ocean start to melt the tension of the trip. Humans and dog begin to unwind and begin to unload stuff from the car. The dog bowl finds a familiar spot in the kitchen. The dog bed (probably with dog on it) is tucked into someone's bedroom. Just enough unpacking so that everyone can head out to explore the beach, the woodlands, the waterway!

Later that day, after the hassle of unpacking, you all begin to realize that you are living in a world of beach bliss gentle white cotton-puff clouds floating through a Carolina-blue sky, soft ocean breezes, playful seagulls calling to you to come out and play. What are your options for things to do?

One reason you chose Oak Island, besides having so many pet-friendly properties, was that Oak Island offers many places to take your pet beaches, waterways, public parks, towns with their pet-friendly dockside walkways. At most public access points to water, dog owners will find poop-bags and dog drinking water, but it's always best to bring a reserve of both just in case the supply is depleted. Also, while you will surely feel tempted to let your dog run free across the waves, remember that honoring the leash law protects your beloved pet as well as providing peace of mind to other guests and residents. For everyone's protection including your pet's, the leash law is strictly enforced on the island and in most townships, so whether your pet needs a short leash or is capable of behaving well on a retractable one, be sure that you have brought along the right leash for your wonderful four-legged family member.

Checklist for Traveling with Pets:
  • Make sure your pet is micro-chipped or wearing a collar with information on where you can be reached while on vacation.
  • Bring a blanket or cushion from home to help comfort your pet while away.
  • Container of food and can opener if needed
  • Two gallons of distilled water for emergencies
  • Favorite chew toys
  • Treats/Snacks
  • Grooming Supplies (Comb and Brush)
  • Trash Bags or waste removal bags
  • Any pet medications
  • Flashlight for those nighttime walks on the beach

Join in the fun and bring your pet to the beach, to Oak Island beach!

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