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Oak Island is known near and far as a family pet place! That's great news for people who love to travel with their pets. After all, sometimes our four-legged buddies are even equal to human family members, joining us on the couch for TV, sleeping in our beds, and listening to our problems. So, leaving a beloved pet at a kennel while everyone else in the family troops off to enjoy a week at the beach is worrisome, to say the least, and in the end not as FUN as when Fido comes along. Whether the occasion is a long weekend, the long-planned summer vacation, or a special event, our four-legged friends make a huge difference in the way we enjoy ourselves. Some bridal couples even plan a role in their ocean-side wedding parties to include their beloved canines. With pets across the world in mind, Oak Island Accommodations launched this web site to spread the news!

This sandy sixteen-mile island retreat is perched right on the edge of North Carolina, looking due south. Soft, gentle beaches and cozy bungalows offer you a change from the expense and hassle of staying in a motel or boarding your dog just to get out of town for a while. Here, you have so many pet-friendly homes and condos to choose from and so much for you and your four-legged friend to see and do while you are here: wide expanses of beach, woodlands, waterways, and dog-parks to consider, to name only a few. Here, your darling, well-behaved pooch can come along on your get-away, be right here with you on the porch overlooking the ocean, frolic in the rolls of waves, dash between your legs in the surf after darting fish and playful crabs, and share your peaceful evening in the multi-colored twilight. Just a little planning is all that is needed for the entire family to have fun at the beach.

Once you unlock the door and place your pets feeding bowl in a good spot, set out his favorite bed or rug with his scent on it, and toss him some of his toys, he will be secure in knowing that you are with him, that you both are in a pet-friendly home, even if the stay is only temporary. He will relax and enjoy the change in his daily routine. At the end of your stay, you have merely to gather up dog toys, make sure everything with the property fulfills your rental agreement, leaving it as fresh as you found it. You and your pet then depart for home, renewed and invigorated, feeling better than ever.

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